My name is Sergi, but my friends started calling me Pendex, as reference of my youthful attitude


Sergi “Pendex” Herrero

I’m a local climbing guide from Barcelona, qualified by the Official Climbing School in Catalunya.
I love climbing, and I love to work as climbing guide in the best land for do it, with people who always come back.
Thirteen years now working with travellers and It’s something that really embellish the job. As a climbing guide I’ve been on the lead for 8 years now since my first multi-pitch. I enjoy showing where I live and where I climb to people who is visiting, offering them more than climbing. I love to offer experiences, combining the climb with some extra joy.

I’ve been formed as a climbed guide since my 3rd year after I got into climbing. My life changed a lot finding climbing as my way to evade from the everyday little bares.A little time later it becomes my way of life.

My favourite climbing crag is Montserrat, a formidable piece of rock, rich in shapes forms techniques and great atmosphere. I find climbing as a battle with yourself, finding balance between mind, body and soul. If you are connected, everything will flow. If everything flows, you will find the connection

I may give you a different experience up to your request, or you may need a climbing mate on your way through catalan lands. I have run different kind of trips, from one day sport climbing 30′ away from Barcelona to one month in Yosemite Valley, CA.