Pick up from airport or hotel - Drive through the country by car - Plans and prices adjustables

One day sport climbing in Barcelona area:

  • If you are visiting Barcelona, and you can have one day for explore the city surroundings, this could be a good trip. One day climbing on a nice climbing crag just 40 minutes away from Barcelona. We will spend a day rock climbing in a sports area. Pick you up from the hotel or airport and spending all day in nature. Enjoying the local stone and surroundings of Barcelona.


price: 45€ per person (3 people min)

One day multi-pitch in Montserrat:

  • Looking after higher sights. This plan is the best for multi-pitch lovers or people who need a bit more emotion on the vertical terrain. In Montserrat there are plenty of equipped, trad, and semi-equipped routes.


price - 240€ (180€ one person)

Week-end trip:

  • Leaving on Friday, sleeping on a beautiful town... and spending 2 days or 3 on some beautiful catalan town, close to climbing crags and rural landscapes.


price - 50€ person/day

Week trip:

  • For those with time to explore the land from the inside, to spend a few days on a climbing tour around Catalonia is the best option. In short distances, Catalonia offers a large variety of landscapes and villages, rock formations and climbing crags. Combine this days on the best way climbing the highest walls in Catalonia, eating local food in every village and explore the four provinces of Catalonia by the hand of a native catalan guide.


price - 150€ /day (3 days min)

Pyrenees climbing trip:

Spend a weekend on the pyrenees doing some sport climbing and multi-pitch on our higher granite mountains.

The first day could be used for practising on a smaller wall, getting used to the rock and the surrounding and the second day for a longer multi-pitch route.


price - 350€ 2 days